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Owners/Chefs: T.J. and Caitlin Allen

             + Emilynn-Kate and Nixon Reef

Hey Ya'll!

If you can't tell by now, WE LOVE BBQ and put a lot of time and

dedication in making sure we serve the best quality in food possible.

And, if you can't tell by our size...we are all about QUALITY, not



Everything is homemade- from our meat to the sides. Everything is also

made right here at Hog Wild Beach & BBQ. All of our meat is hand

rubbed with our top secret dry rub and smoked LONG and SLOW!


All of our BBQ sauces are made from SCRATCH (Original, Surfin' Whiskey, Nana's Sweet Q, Hog's 911, and our Famous White BBQ Sauce). Our Potato Salad(Cait's Tater Salad), Mac N Cheese, and our "Not So Traditional" Cole Slaw have made their names unforgettable around these parts.

Don't forget the sweets-everyone loves that Banana Puddin'.

We cannot believe we are almost in our 8th year of business! How is

that even possible? We are incredibly thankful for this amazing

opportunity and for all of the employees + customers that have become part of our family. Thank you all for continuing to support us, we cannot tell you how much we appreciate it!

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